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The growing popularity of location tracking apps among teenagers is a cause for concern for all of us. These apps differ specifically from all the other social networking apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook which also have location sharing features built into them. Location tracking apps are specifically designed to locate a particular user with accuracy, which is quite scary in case if an app is being used with some wrong intention.

The obvious danger of these apps is that the personal information instantly becomes public and it is shared with others which is a cause of concern and in case if a minor is using these apps, it may cause a safety issue for them.

Some of these locations sharing apps are often used by the people with ill or bad intentions who are always looking for people to engage in intimate conversation with anyone from any age. Teens don’t realize these dangers when they download the app.

Parents today have tough ahead with them when it comes to keeping their children safe and protected in a world of unlimited distractions and potential dangers. Tracking the location of the children using location tracking apps may not be able to protect their children, & their parents, from all the worries of the world, but it does have a few distinct advantages.

Real-time tracking of school bus

Real-time tracking of school bus using location tracking apps is possible. This will ensure that children arrive at school and back home safely every day which will give the parents the peace of their mind. In the afternoon you can track the location of the bus to know when you can except your child back home from school.

Location sharing risk

When we share our location through a location service app or location services are turned on within a social network it becomes easier for evil people such as criminals to track us. This can cost us personal harm or even family theft. These types of apps even encourage cyberbullying or stalking etc.

Examine the Usage of the app

If your children are using any location sharing app, please make sure that they know how to use the app. And also, that they are in touch with only those people whom they know.

The Best features of our Family GPS Tracker – iLocateMobile app are as follows:

• Know the location of your family on a map, without calling or disturbing them. • View location yesterday. Set fencing alerts for the safety of your loved ones. • One-way location tracking. Doesn’t create a circle or loop where anyone can monitor everyone.


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