Parenting Preteens: Using Tech and Building Trust

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Parenting to a preteens has always been said to be a full-time job. It does not matter where you live or what you do; being a parent to a preteen, especially an 8-to-12-year-old child, can be pretty tough if not handled properly, especially in the digital world with several emerging AI tools which can come to their rescue.

Set Clear Expectations with Preteens

Establish clear boundaries and expectations with your preteens about what you expect from them regarding their behavior, responsibilities at various places such as school, socially and other places. Clearly communicate the rules they have to follow and what will be the consequences they may face in case if don’t follow them.

You can track their movement with location tracking apps such as Track Any Phone app but with their consent so as to ensure they stay within their boundaries

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Use Technology Wisely for Preteens

In the age where technology is the key for all the things the way you use it matters a lot. Technology can be used as a tool to facilitate the communication in easy and simple manner amongst the preteens. Use apps such as Track any phone to show them how they can leverage the technology for their benefit.  You can also explain how to use technology properly and ensuring your privacy

Open Communication

Communication is the key for any relationship to develop and nurture properly.  All the kids especially preteens need certain time and attention from their parents. As a parent you must make time from your busy schedule and have a chat with them everyday about out how was their day and what all challenges they are facing in their life.

Be a friend

Growing preteens are on a journey to learn new things so rather than a parent be a friend for them as it will be pretty much easier and simple for them to share and engage with you in an open and friendly manner.  Let them understand the importance of tracking and surveillance and how it is beneficial for them.  There are multiple apps such as Track any phone which you can use to keep an eye them whenever they are away

Support Them

As a child what they need most during this time period is the support in order to deal with the various things whenever they get stuck at any point in life so that they know they have someone on whom they can bank on at any moment of the time.

You need to be patient in handling all the things with them and grow with them as your preteens grow in age and life.


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