How it works

Download iLocateMobile App and Sign Up

Download Track a Phone – iLocateMobile app from Google Play Store or Apple iOS App Store. Register with your details. Enable “Location Services” from your phone’s settings. You can keep it on “Battery saving mode” and don’t set it on High accuracy mode to save your battery. It works even if GPS is switched off. Get’s the location from Wi-Fi and mobile network towers.

Add phone to track

Click on the button “Add Child’s Phone Number” and enter the details of your child you want to locate. The status of the child before you can track them is in “waiting” state and will remain so till they install this app on their phone. Family Tracker gives you much needed peace of mind as a parent.

Invitation code

Your child has to install our app and enter the Invitation code which they might have received in their email ID. Once they enter this invitation code, then their device could be tracked from your phone. Remember you need proper consent of your child before you can track them for their safety. Persistent notifications are sent to the device you are tracking.