Kids and Smartphones: Balancing Freedom with Safety?

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Kids and Smartphones: Balancing Freedom with Safety?

For many children and teens, a world without mobile phones is unimaginable. As per Kaiser foundation research in US around 30% children have phones even before they reach the age of 10 years. So as a parent it becomes pretty much important for us to ensure the keep the smartphones for kids safe

Small kids playing with each other without worrying about technology and smartphones

How we can safety for kid’s smartphone?

The most important thing about the kid’s smartphone is to have a conversation or Dialogue with them when they start using smartphone.  Teach the kids about safe and responsible mobile phone usage making them understand the pros and cons of the same.

In the initial few months, you can set some rules for them such as time limits for usage and ensuring that it does not disturbs the day today life. Below are some of the few techniques which can be used to keep your child’s smartphone safe

Set Boundaries

It is important to set boundaries and limits with your kids. Talk to them and let them know why you are setting them as it is for their benefit only.

The boundaries can be in terms of screen time, apps to be used in the phone or for other things also

Use parental controls

With parental controls you can see what websites and apps your child is accessing on their smartphone and how long they are doing it.  There are multiple parental control apps which you can choose from as per your needs and requirements from the app store.

Teach phone security

Teach your kids a few handy tips for their phone security which will help them in the long run

Password protection – It prevents their phone from unwanted and unauthorised access


Cyberbullying is harassment of individuals through electronic means such as mobiles, online forums etc. It has become a growing issue & it is necessary to keep the kids aware of it and how to stay away from it

Social Networking

Getting too much friendly with strangers on social media can lead to troubles as you never know the real identity of the person on the other side. The world online and the world offline is an entirely different thing and children are not aware of the same

Unsuitable Content

The Internet is home to so many things which includes positive as well as negative content. Let the kid know what all things are inappropriate and they should avoid it.

Right time to give smartphones to children

There are no hard and fast rules about the right age when you should give child a mobile phone. But as your child’s friend get their own phones, your children might also want it

But each and every kid is different so if another child has a smartphone, it is not necessary for your kid also to have it

You can check it by answering certain questions to find out that whether your kid is responsible enough to have and take care of a mobile phone

Is your child responsible? for other things such as belongings

Is your child reliable? can they ready for school on time in mornings

Is your child respectful towards family and friends

Does your child talk to you about the things that worry them?

Does your child follow the family rules?

The answers to these questions can help to determine whether your child is capable enough to carry a smartphone or not

The bottom line that smartphone is like a double-sided sword which when used properly can bring a whole lot of benefits to the kids but it comes with a certain degree of responsibility.  So as a parent it is to our responsibility to teach the kids how to use smartphone safely and properly


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